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Data for All

Data-driven Public Service Delivery in the North Sea Region

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About Data for All

The Data for All project, co-funded by the Interreg North Sea Programme, aims to develop data sovereignty in different local and regional authorities in the North Sea region. With the help of seven pilots in seven regions, solutions are to be tested in real-life use cases in order to contribute, for example, to better mobility management, climate monitoring or energy efficiency. In this way, Data for All wants to enable municipalities and regions to use data to design citizen-oriented, sustainable and intelligent public solutions. 

The Heinrich Böll Foundation Schleswig-Holstein has set itself the task of compiling the results and experiences gathered along the way and bringing them to the public. We would like to engage in exchange, mobilise and contribute to education on the topic of data sovereignty in order to increase acceptance in society, among other things. In doing so, we work particularly closely with the KielRegion, which focuses on mobility tracking in the Kiel region in its pilot.


Funders & Partners

The project Data for All is co-funded by the Interreg North Sea Programme.

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